Beyond Bath Time

Embracing Motherhood as a Sacred Role

Motherhood is under attack. Nearly one in five American women ends her childbearing years without having borne a child, compared with one in ten in 1970. In 2007, among Christians, 47% felt that the roles of marriage and motherhood should not be emphasized for women. And unfortunately, the church isn't talking about why motherhood matters, nor is it equipping young mothers to see their family as a mission field. Erin Davis was a young Christian wife who had made the decision to not have children. She had multiple degrees, a great husband, a promising career -- she had it all -- at least according to cultural standards. But most days she felt anything but fulfilled. In Beyond Bath Time Erin shares her journey to the place of true fulfillment in responding to the call of motherhood. Women will be challenged, convicted, and wonderfully encouraged by Erin's honest and provocative look at motherhood and its divine call. 

What others are saying about Beyond Bath Time: Embracing Motherhood as a Sacred Role

"e;My family does not come before ministy. My family is my first ministry. Erin's book is a reminder to all moms that raising children well and with joy is ministry and the single best way to reach the next generation with God's truth."e; -- Josh McDowell, bestselling author and speaker

"e;In a 'childless by choice' world that measures a woman's worth by her contribution to the paid workforce, motherhood is all too often set aside or given second class status. But look comes Erin Davis! She's on a mission to show you that motherhood matters, and that being a mom might just be the most important thing you'll ever do. If you're a Gen-Xer, who's swallowed the pop culture Kool-Aid, you need to read this book -- and consider if the hand that rocks the cradle does, in fact, rule the world!"e; -- Mary Kassian, author of Girls Gone Wise

"e;Authentic. Warm. Inviting. Practical. Insightful. Penetrating. Biblical. Beyond Bath Time is all that and more. Erin is a fresh, clear voice with a timely message, developed in the laboratory of life, with God's Word in hand. She challenges women to reclaim motherhood as a high, holy, and purposeful calling -- a sacrificial vocation with eternal rewards!"e; -- Nancy Leigh DeMoss, author, host of Revive Our Hearts radio

"e;At the end of the day, how do you know you've been a good mom? Who's idea of motherhood are you trying to live up to -- yours, your friend's or God's? Can you be a fulfilled follower of Christ in your role as an everyday mama? Our friend Erin has taken on these questions and more in this insightful and captivating read. She has brought to light truths that will impact you and your family for life. Thank you Erin for challenging us even in the seemingly mundane, to capture a big vision picture of motherhood. Motherhood matters because it is the heart of God."e; -- Wes and Carrie Ward, just an everyday dad and mama, and Revive Our Hearts' senior director of media (him!) and author of Together: Growing Appetites for God (her!)

"e;What we often encounter about motherhood seems to be a caricature of real life. Either i's the unattainable super-mom of the advertising industry or the unbelievabley inconvenienced cranky mom of sitcoms. Fortunately, Erin Davis gives us a real portrait. But more importantly, she doesn't stay grounded in the daily experience of our lives here. She points us to the etrnal purposes of motherhood -- purposes that all women share, whether or not we've actually given birth. read this book to be encouraged, strengthened, and committed to God's wisdom in the beauty of motherhood."e; -- Carolyn McCulley, author of Radical Womanhood: Feminine Faith in a Feminis


April, 2012
Moody Publishers
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