The Difference Jesus Makes

Trusting Him in Every Situation

A little boy sits staring at a frame on the wall with his dad's picture in it. His dad has been away on military duty for some time now. He cries as he stares at the picture and his mother, seeing his tears, asks him "What's wrong?" "I want my daddy to come out of the frame," he says.

Have you ever felt like that in your relationship with God? Sure you know about the love, power and goodness of God in the Bible stories but when it comes to the matters of your life, it seems that God is in a frame.  Like He's disconnected from the situations of your life and you want Him to come out of the frame.

Well's in the Lord Jesus Christ, that's exactly what God has done.  When Jesus took on human flesh, God stepped out of the frame and became one of us. And because He has shared in our experiences He knows what we are going through.  And beyond sympathizing with us, He is able to strengthen us and make a difference in our lives because of what He went through on the Cross. 

In The Difference Jesus Makes, Pastor H.B. Charles, Jr. encourages us to know that when we are:

  • In a raging storm...
  • Bound by evil that will not let us go...
  • Reeling from a bad report from the doctors...
  • Feeling overwhelmed by our needs and limited resources... we can trust Jesus. We can bring the burdens of life to Him, then stand back and see the difference Jesus makes.


October, 2014
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