Earth Filled with Heaven

Christians from a low-church background do not have to be afraid of liturgy and sacraments. On the contrary, these ancient ways of engaging with Scripture and faith, help us see the beauty and taste the grace of heaven through the incarnation of Jesus. Earth Filled with Heaven is an evangelical introduction to the theological framework and habits of the sacramental life. Author and Anglican priest Aaron Damiani translates this sometimes strange-to-us way of Christ-centered faith in an invitational and pastoral manner. He orients readers around a weekly celebration of the Lord's supper, water baptism, liturgical prayer, the church calendar, the daily office—rhythms that quietly nourish us with the life of Jesus. As there are no recent lay introductions for protestant Christians who desire to deepen their roots in the ancient practices of the church, Earth Filled with Heaven speaks to a growing group of faithful Christians discovering these historic church practices for the first time.


August, 2022