The Innovation Crisis

Creating Disruptive Influence in the Ministry You Lead

If you aren't innovating, stagnation isn't far away.Ministry leaders carry the burden of keeping their organizations lean, focused, and relevant. The stakes are especially high for churches and other organizations that fulfill the Great Commission. When souls are on the line, there's no room for bureaucratic bloat or sustaining a cumbersome infrastructure. It's up to the leadership—that's you—to realize where the organization is in maintenance mode and find ways to innovate even when the growth curve has slowed and the team has started to grow complacent.Using missions disruptor William Carey as an example, Ted Esler shows how you, too, can innovate in ways that change the ministry landscape. Esler will help you keep an eye on your "eccliosystem"—the ecclesial ecosystem in which you exist. You'll learn about the four stages of organizational culture—disrupting, innovating, sustaining, and stagnating—and gain strategies for staying in that sweet spot where innovations keep coming and stagnation can't take hold.The gospel of Jesus Christ never grows stale. Don't let your ministry ever forget it!


August, 2021