The Journey of an Urban Pilgrim

Kai'Ro: The Journey of an Urban Pilgrim chronicles the epic spiritual journey of a young man named Kai'Ro.  Born and raised in the City of Doom, Kai'Ro is overwhelmed with hopelessness and bondage to sin.  Overcome by the burden of his own guilt and failure, he admits that his existence is full of pain and meaningless. He yearns to find a better life. 
Kai'Ro meets Preacher who informs him of the King who can free him from his burden and give him hope and the life he's always been searching for.  The Preacher directs him to the Heavenly Highway which he assures Kai'Ro is the path he must follow if he is to  find the hope and freedom he's looking for.  In search of this promised life, Kai'Ro leaves the City of Doom with his heart and mind set on this new hope.
Along the way he encounters a variety of individuals, temptations and trials that seek to pull him off the Highway and ensnare him in his old life again.  During his journey he discovers that wisdom is greater than treasure, a real friend is someone who directs him to the King, and that pursuing the King requires saying farewell to much of what he once loved.


April, 2013