Kai'Ro Returns

Kai'Ro, after finding the life and freedom he went searching for at the Cross, The King sends him back to the City of Doom as an ambassador of hope. 
He returns, haunted by past failures, an awareness of ruined relationships, and the damage he caused during his former life.  He hopes that his transformed life and the power of the King can be used to rescue his community and friends from destruction.  Kai'Ro quickly sets out to renew trust and offer hope to his former girlfriend, Evangeline. More than anything he longs for her to find life in the King. 
Within days of his return, Kai'Ro is confronted with vicious persecution, temptation and the hardened cynicism of family and friends who knew the old Kai'Ro.  He discovers the cost of discipleship as well as the struggles that accompany shining the light of the King into the darkest of circumstances. 
Evangeline, challenged by the new Kai'Ro, sets out for the Heavenly Highway hoping the King can restore her broken life too. 


April, 2013