Leveling the Church

Multiplying Your Ministry by Giving It Away

What if the secret to pastoral success is to do less ministry?

Or maybe it's more like a two-part secret: do less ministry, develop more people. The typical pastor takes on far too much. Who visits the hospital? Who counsels couples? Who teaches and preaches and disciples? Usually, the pastor. But according to Ephesians 4, a pastor's true goal should be to equip the so-called ordinary members of their church to take on these pastoral tasks. Micah Fries and Jeremy Maxfield will show you how by:

  • Exposing the dangerous undercurrents that may be holding back your church culture
  • Teaching you how to narrow your focus in order to multiply your ministry
  • Walking you through how to delegate, develop leaders, and deploy your members.

Yes, the people in those pews expect a lot from you, but learn how you can manage expectations, lead well, and pastor biblically. Not only does this approach drastically reduce the pressure on you, the pastor, it multiplies the effectiveness of your ministry 10, 20, even 100-fold!


January, 2020