Bruce D. Strom

BRUCE D. STROMĀ is heralded by many as the nation's leading advocate for gospel justice for the poor. A graduate of Judson University and the University of Illinois College of Law, Bruce had a successful career in private practice as the senior partner of a multi-office law practice. In 2002 he left the private practice of law to join the ranks of the poor he was serving so Administer Justice could be a full-time, full-service organization. Today twelve staff and more than 700 volunteers including over 260 attorneys deliver legal help and gospel hope to the widow, the fatherless, the alien and the poor fulfilling Administer Justice's call from Zechariah 7:9-10. Bruce's wife Helen and twin sons, Joseph and Daniel, join these volunteers in carrying out Administer Justice's mission to "empower the powerless, give hope to the hopeless, and show mercy and compassion to those in need."