James Killam

JIM KILLAMĀ has been a journalist for more than three decades. Over those years, that heading has included the titles of reporter, writer, editor, photographer, videographer and designer. He's worked for daily newspapers, magazines, websites and more. For 17 years he taught journalism and served as faculty adviser for the Northern Star, the daily student newspaper at Northern Illinois University, training hundreds of student journalists. The paper was recognized among the best in the nation. In 2012, he left that position to pursue freelance writing and missionary journalism -- an adventure that began with selling their house and living for a year in a shed. Ask him about that when he's in a good mood. Jim and his wife, Lauren, still don't know exactly where this all leads ... but it seems like a pretty good story so far. They live in Illinois (for now) and have three married children and one granddaughter (for now). This is Jim's third book.