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Ring Makes All the Difference, The

This Review Submitted by matthaines

I believe one of the most important topics that the church has been silent on for far too long is the topic of cohabitation (i.e. "living together", "shacking up"). It has...

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Aug 15, 12

Harvest of Rubies

This Review Submitted by bradyslady555

Harvest of Rubies by Tessa Afshar takes you deep into ancient Persia. Sarah is trying to be a Jew in a Pagan land, a female scribe in a man’s world, a daughter to estranged father, and on top of...

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Aug 14, 12

Making the Team

This Review Submitted by CTF Devourer

“My mom’s all the way in Los Angeles somewhere. The only thing she cares about is a TV show. Yeah, she says she loves me. Yeah, she says she misses me. Yeah, she says she wants to be home, but she...

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Aug 14, 12

Unlocking Your Family Patterns

This Review Submitted by semperfi121

Unlocking Your Family Patterns by Drs. Henry Cloud, John Townsend, Earl Henslin, and Dave Carder is a useful introduction in how harmful patterns are passed on through generations, and how these...

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Aug 13, 12

Lord Change Me

This Review Submitted by booknerd

James Macdonald is a strong teacher of God’s Word. Personally, I have grown spiritually and mentally from his teaching and preaching. His latest book, Lord, Change Me is a great tool for spiritual...

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Aug 7, 12

Privilege of Persecution, The

This Review Submitted by andyj9622

I was recently provided a copy of The Privilege of Persecution by Moody Publishers for review here at Becoming Saturated. What I was hoping for were lessons for my convenience-immersed Christian...

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Aug 3, 12

Anxious Christian, The

This Review Submitted by yapdates

What if anxiety is good for you? What if being anxious is part of God's design for our lives to do something with any stuck-in-the-rut situations? This book is an interesting effort to turn...

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Aug 3, 12

Counterfeit Gospels

This Review Submitted by mikeleake

I had just taken a group of teenagers to this conference to hear one of those really amazing youth speakers. Thought it was a good speech, when compared to a Christ-centered sermon it was pretty...

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Aug 1, 12

Dirty Girls Come Clean

This Review Submitted by Hope

Crystal Renaud is very honest in her own struggle and mixes practical help along with testimonies of women who have overcome and many who still are struggling to overcome the addiction of...

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Jul 30, 12

This Review Submitted by angelnavywife

While I found the online assessment from this book to find my children's love languages very helpful, I did not enjoy the book.

I did think the tips at the end of each chapter on how...

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Jul 29, 12

How to Really Love Your Adult Child

This Review Submitted by CarliAlice

In this book Dr.s's Campbell and Chapman walk you through how to develop a relationship with your adult child that is both nurturing and friend. They discuss different difficulties you may...

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Jul 29, 12

Unfriend Yourself

This Review Submitted by angelnavywife

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I love being in touch with people I normally would not be able to talk to. I love having access to make plans with people easily. But I hate the...

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Jul 29, 12

Lone Star Trail

This Review Submitted by Trinity Rose

This is the first book I’ve read by Darlene Franklin. The Lone Star Trail is book one in the Texas Trails Morgan Family series. I wanted to start at the beginning to see if I should read the rest...

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Jul 27, 12

Harvest of Rubies

This Review Submitted by Sneezybee23

Sarah finds purpose and fulfillment as scribe to the Queen of Persia. Pleased with Sarah's work, the Queen arranges Sarah's marriage to Darius Pasargadea, a respected and handsome...

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Jul 26, 12

Harvest of Rubies

This Review Submitted by taekwondo04

When I heard of a new impending release by Tessa Afshar, I was excited. Biblical Fiction is one of my favorite genres to read, and after reading her previous book, A Pearl in the Sand, I expected...

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Jul 24, 12

Ranger's Trail, A

This Review Submitted by ibjoy1953


Buck Morgan enjoyed his family, but he just couldn’t see himself tied down to ranch life, even though that’s what his family wanted. Being a Texas Ranger was in his...

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Jul 22, 12

Ruth's Redemption

This Review Submitted by Lane Hill House

Thursday, July 19, 2012
Ruth's Redemption by Marlene Banks, c2012

Ruth's Redemption - By: Marlene Banks Benn

"When you come to know the Lord, it will all...

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Jul 19, 12

Christ's Prophetic Plans

This Review Submitted by Parkerj

In Christ’s Prophetic Plans the editors John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue have attempted to put together an argument for Dispensational Premillennialism. The contributing authors are all...

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Jul 18, 12

Parenting with Scripture

This Review Submitted by gretchen

There are so many parenting books available today, with seemingly conflicting ideas about how to train your children up in the way they should go. So sometimes, it’s nice to just go back to the...

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Jul 17, 12


This Review Submitted by Pudgyboy

John MacArthur has always been a favorite of mine and this book is no exception. This book has been in print continually since 1983. I can see why. It is excellent.

We were created to...

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Jul 15, 12