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The Pursuit of Excellence

"You and I were designed to press forward, to reach out, to climb higher."

Spiritual Growth July 2019

Paul vs. James

"I welcome Chris Bruno's readable and thoroughly biblical exploration of faith and works.

Church Life & Reference July 2019

Walking with Jesus on Campus

10 Truths that Transform College for the Christian

Spiritual Growth July 2019

Unexplainable Jesus

When's the last time you were captivated by Jesus?

Spiritual Growth July 2019

On Bended Knee

Want More From Your Prayer Life?

Spiritual Growth July 2019

Practicing the Present

The present is more than a place where the past comes to rest.

It is more than a staging ground for the future.

The present is where God shows up.

Spiritual Growth July 2019

DIY Guilde to Building a Family that Lasts

Is it really possible to have the home life you want with the people you love?

Gary Chapman July 2019

Love Over Fear

Aren't Christians Supposed to Be the Loving Ones?

Church Life & Reference July 2019

An Uncommon Guide to Retirement

What am I going to do with my retirement?

July 2019

God in His Own Image

"Someone once noted that God made us in His image, and ever since we have tried to do God a favor by making Him in our image."

Church Life & Reference July 2019