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Yours, Till Heaven

Enter the remarkable untold love story of Charles and Susie Spurgeon.Charles Spurgeon is esteemed for his writing, preaching, and passion for the Lord.

February 2021

Your Old Testament Sermon Needs to Get Saved

Every good sermon proclaims the gospel—even those from the Old Testament.From the miracles of the Gospels to the teachings of the Epistles, the New Testament is saturated with the saving work of Jesus Christ.

Church Life & Reference April 2021

You Get Me

Love Your Loved One in the Ways That Mean the MostKnowing your significant other's love language is the first step to communicating love—but ideas for how to communicate don't always come easily.

Gary Chapman
February 2021

Yes! You Really CAN Change

If God changes lives, why is mine stuck in the mud?We all want life change, but achieving it is hard. As Christians, we know we've got God's help. Jesus has made it possible. The Holy Spirit even lives inside us!

Spiritual Growth April 2021


The best of A. W. Tozer, on one of his favorite subjects

Few subjects invigorated A. W. Tozer like the topic of worship. He saw it—like the church has traditionally—as the sole reason for which creation exists.

Spiritual Growth August 2017

When Faith is Forbidden

Journey alongside Persecuted ChristiansTake a 40-day journey to meet brothers and sisters who share in the sufferings of Christ. When Faith Is Forbidden takes you to meet a Chinese Christian woman who called six months in

Spiritual Growth March 2021

What If Jesus Was Serious...About Prayer?

Good things come to those who believe . . . right?People like to say, "Prayer works." But what does that mean? Prayer works for what?

Spiritual Growth
Church Life & Reference
June 2021

What Great Ministry Leaders Get Right

Ministry throws unexpected challenges at you.

Church Life & Reference March 2021

What Comes Next?

What if, instead of keeping up with change, you could get ahead of it?Our mission as Christians was the same yesterday as it is today and will be tomorrow.

Spiritual Growth
Church Life & Reference
Youth Ministry
Millennial Generation
January 2021

Walk With Me

Have we over complicated, over systematized, and over formalized making disciples?When our hearts are changed by Christ, it's natural that we should want to help others come to know Him too.

Spiritual Growth
Church Life & Reference
March 2021