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Grandparenting Screen Kids

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONGrandparenting in the Digital AgeThings aren't what they once were.

Gary Chapman
September 2020

Grace-Based Counseling

You speak God's truth when you counsel. But do you also communicate His grace?The Christian counselor or pastor plays an important role in helping people process the trauma they've experienced.

Spiritual Growth
Church Life & Reference
August 2021

God's Pursuit of Man

Salvation is from our side a choice, from the divine side [...] a conquest of the Most High God. - A. W. Tozer

With words like these, Tozer shakes the soul. He crumbles the lies we believe and calls us to the more sure way. 

June 2015

God Speaks Your Love Language

More than 200,000 copies sold

Feel God's love more personally.

Gary Chapman
Spiritual Growth
September 2018

God of the Impossible

Discover how all things are possible with God!Sharing the gospel with those from different cultures and belief systems can sometimes seem futile, especially when it comes to reaching Muslims.

Spiritual Growth
Church Life & Reference
April 2021

Getting Over Yourself

Is trying to be "the best you" actually ruining you?From "living your best life" to "self-actualizing," "finding your destiny," and "waiting on the best to come," the contemporary messages of the world exhort us to believe that we

Spiritual Growth April 2021

From the Grave

40-day Lent devotional from a beloved spiritual writer

Spiritual Growth January 2017

From Heaven

“We live between two mighty events…”

Spiritual Growth September 2016

Fractured Faith

After your faith has fractured, let what takes its place be the real thing . . . at last.Somewhere along the way, the Christianity you knew began to crumble. You began to suspect your faith was misplaced. Disillusionment set in.

Spiritual Growth
Millennial Generation
September 2021

Expect Something Beautiful

Is motherhood only about self-sacrifice? Or will it bless your life, too?You know that motherhood makes high demands. Yet you know it's worth the cost because it benefits your child.

October 2021