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Practicing the Present

The present is more than a place where the past comes to rest.

It is more than a staging ground for the future.

The present is where God shows up.

Spiritual Growth July 2019


"Some churches now advertise courses on how to pray. How ridiculous! That is like giving a course on how to fall in love." —A. W. Tozer

Spiritual Growth February 2016


The tipping point has been reached . . . What now?

Marriage: redefined. Religious freedoms: eroding. The church: marginalized. How should we respond?

Apologetics December 2015


What if your daughter's propensity for “feeling all the feels” is actually a good thing?

Spiritual Growth
Youth Ministry
October 2018

Progress in the Pulpit

Take your preaching to the next level

Spiritual Growth
Church Life & Reference
June 2017

Proverbs (Everyday Bible Commentary Series)

The wisdom of Proverbs sometimes comforts and sometimes confuses. It contains some of our most cherished verses, as well as odd metaphors, and strange pronouncements that can feel cold or even cruel.

Spiritual Growth March 2019

Psalms (Everday Bible Commentary Series)

There is nothing that can speak to the Christian's heart quite like the Psalms. These cherished songs lead us into worship, guide our lament, and teach us to pray.

Spiritual Growth March 2019

Radical Prayer

What if we prayed how Jesus taught us to?

Many of us pray with little heart. We mutter the usual and leave with little expectation. But is this how Jesus taught us to pray?

Spiritual Growth December 2015

Raising Men, Not Boys

How to raise a godly man in a godless world

Youth Ministry
September 2017

Rare Leadership

Revive your leadership. Grow healthy teams. See great results.

Healthy teams begin with healthy leaders, and at the heart of this dynamic is emotional maturity—the quality the greatest leaders possess.

Church Life & Reference March 2016