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8 Simple Tools for Raising Great Kids

"I love my child, but parenting is hard."

Family January 2016

8 Hours or Less

What every pastor wants: more time.

The clock is every pastor's nemesis. Between meetings, administration, counseling, and other duties, it's hard to find enough time for sermon prep.

Church Life & Reference May 2017

8 Great Smarts

Your child is smart, but does he or she believe it?

Youth Ministry
March 2016

7 Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible

Can you trust the Bible?

December 2015

52 Uncommon Ways to Unwind Together

Fun Dates that Help You Reinvigorate Your Relationship

January 2020

52 Uncommon Family Adventures


Connect with your family without breaking the bank.

September 2019

4 Chair Discipling

Dann Spader is a disciple-maker who has spent his adult life exploring what it means to take someone from being a seeker to making disciples themselves.

Spiritual Growth January 2019

25 Questions You're Afraid to Ask About Love, Sex, and Intimacy

Whether you are married or single, having great sex or no sex, your sexuality is inseparable from your spirituality.

Relationships December 2015

20 Things We'd Tell Our Twentysomething Selves

Foster good habits. Press into pain. Never, ever get another perm.

Despite what many think, our twenties aren’t that dead space between youth and real life. Done right, they can be among our most important years.

Millennial Generation December 2015

101 Questions You Need to Ask in Your Twenties

Adulting got you down?

Spiritual Growth
Millennial Generation
April 2018