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Born After Midnight

Will you press into heaven at the expense of earth?

Church Life & Reference December 2015

Born to Wander

Why are we so restless?

Spiritual Growth July 2018

Braving Sorrow Together

“Little did I know at the time that I'd one day look back and remember it as the beginning of what I call our 'weeping years.'” — Ashleigh Slater

Spiritual Growth
October 2017

Calm, Cool, and Connected

For those feeling overloaded with technology…

Spiritual Growth September 2017

Chosen for Christ

Do you long to know your unique purpose? Do you feel you have a calling but wonder how to fulfill it?

Spiritual Growth
October 2018

Christ Among Other gods

You’ve heard it said, “All religions are equal.” But do you know how to respond?

Spiritual Growth January 2016

Christ's Call to Reform the Church

What does the church need to hear today?

Spiritual Growth
Church Life & Reference
October 2018

Create vs. Copy

Today’s leaders simply can’t succeed without putting creativity in their toolbox.

Spiritual Growth March 2016

Created For More

Are you compartmentalizing God?

If you ever feel like your times spent praying or trying to read the Bible are disconnected from the rest of your day, you need this book. 

October 2014

Cries from the Cross

"To stand at the foot of the cross is to witness the purpose for which God created the world."

June 2015