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Catch A. W. Tozer's contagious passion for the Church of Christ

Spiritual Growth February 2019

Sharing Love Abundantly in Special Needs Families

"With a frank and honest observation on how disability can unravel family unity, this book inspires and equips us to live out our faith as we interact with those we love."

September 2019

Building Love Together in Blended Families

Create a Loving and Safe Environment for Your Blended Family

Gary Chapman
February 2020

The Attributes of God Volume 1

The most important question

For A. W. Tozer,  no question is more important than, "What is God like?" The desire to know God consumed his entire life and ministry.

Spiritual Growth February 2020

Before You Quit

How Non-Quitters Changed the WorldYou're exhausted.

Spiritual Growth March 2020

The Value of Wrinkles

That Wasn't A White Hair, Was It?We're so afraid of aging that we begin to devalue ourselves and others with each passing year. The phrase "30 years old" incites panic.

March 2020

Surviving Sorrow

Advice from One Grieving Mom to OthersWhen Kim's three-year-old son tragically passed away, she found plenty of resources on grieving.

March 2020

100 Days to a Healthier Church

A 100-Day Plan That's Practical, Realistic, and Actually WorksYou see the problems in your church, and you truly believe it could be better. Not perfect, but healthier.

Church Life & Reference March 2020

Becoming Sage

Why Do We Act Like There Is An Age Restriction on Spiritual Growth?

Spiritual Growth
April 2020

Glorious Finish

What separates pastors who finish well from those who don't? When trusted pastors fall into sin and destroy a ministry, the entire body of believers gets hurt.

Church Life & Reference April 2020