The 10 Greatest Struggles of Your Life Review

Book Review: 

I just finished memorizing Exodus 20 which includes all of the Ten Commandments. It was my first big Bible memorization project. I've memorized verses, but never a whole passage. With that fresh on my mind and in my heart the book The Ten Greatest Struggles of Your Life came at the perfect time. It is a devotional/christian help book based on finding freedom in God's commands.

The author, Pastor Colin S. Smith shares in this book that there is more to the ten commandments that meets the eye. This book gave me a deeper understanding of God and His commandments. I'd like to share a short excerpt from the introduction:

How can we know what God's love is like? The answer is found in the Ten Commandments. They show us what God is like, and they spell out the meaning of love...

God is love, and He calls us to pursue a life that reflects His character. That's why He gave us the Ten Commandments. They show us what God is like and spell out the meaning of love. The reason we should not commit adultery is that God is faithful. The reason for not bearing false witness is that God speaks truth. The reason for not coveting is that God is content in Himself. This is what God is like and since you were created in His image, this is the life for which you were made.

There are 10 chapters discussing each of the commandments separately and at the back of the book there is a very thorough study guide for even further personal study. I found this book very encouraging and thought provoking. It helped me to see a part of the Bible that I have know since I was a young child in Sunday School in a whole new light. It became much more than mere words to me and helped me to know the God I love so much even better.

***Thank you to Moody Publishing for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.