100 Days to a Healthier Church Review

Book Review: 

"100 Days To A Healthier Church" is a good title for initiating positive change in your church. The book consists of 100 daily readings over a 15-week period and addresses many topics for a healthier church. Many things to like about the title:

- Short daily readings centered around one topic.
- Readings are easy to understand.
- Good mix of spiritual insights and practical suggestions.
- Key Bible verse to focus on.
- Questions to ponder for a healthier church.

I think the book is appropriate for any sized church and would be a good tool to foster positive change. My only complaint, along with other reviewers, is the author apparently (unless I misunderstand) requires the group to meet for 15 consecutive weekends to cover the book. In my humble opinion, this is unrealistic for most age groups. Perhaps the group could meet on Wednesday nights (when many churches have discipleship training or prayer meeting) or have the group meet fewer times and try to cover more material during those fewer meetings?

Comment aside, the book is well-written and contains many good topics to address and has a good balance of spiritual insights and practical suggestions. Good read.

I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.