101 Conversation Starters for Couples Review

Book Review: 

When Moody Publishers gave me a list of books to review, I chose 101 Conversation Starters for Couples by Gary D. Chapman and Ramon L. Presson, mainly because I am a big fan of Chapman’s Love Language book series.

One of my husband’s primary love languages is Quality Time, and I figured, what better way to spend some time together than to peruse a list of questions and possibly learn something new about one another!

The questions had a little bit more depth to them than your typical “List of Questions for Couples”, with some off the wall and humorous approaches to learning more about your spouse. My husband and I found that car rides were a great time to peruse the questions – I just kept the book in the glove box for easy access.

The majority of the questions had a theme of reminiscing about childhood and the past. And although the questions are fun and creative, I found that they were all topics Jonathan and I exhausted early on into our dating relationship. The ONLY thing I learned new about my husband? That he was hit by a baseball bat in the head as a teenager during a church ball game. While riveting, it’s not exactly ground breaking soul penetrating information, haha.

I’d say this book would be a great communication booster for couples who are just getting started in their relationship, or perhaps a good prompt for marriages that are experiencing a lull in communication. The questions are all grounded in Scripture, and cover a good variety of light-hearted chit chat to heavier self-reflection.

I’d recommend this book to newer couples and newlyweds, but if you’re an established couple (my husband and I have been together for going on six years now), then I would just skip it, unless expanding communication is your goal.