101 Conversation Starters for Families Review

Book Review: 

My family is all business when we sit down to dinner. It’s usually eat and then run!

But, not this time….

We had a lot of fun with this book. As we were eating, each of us took turns selecting a question from 101 Conversations Starters for Families and then reading it aloud to see what answers we’d get. The questions are varied including: “Which of the Seven Dwarfs are you today?” and “What is something that would be hard for you to share?” A few of them involve God, but most are general and can be answered from a wide age of kids and adults.

I think this is a great way of getting kids and adults talking. Most of us have a lot going on in our minds and need opportunities like this one to just interact and have fun. Whether it’s one question or 101, each minute spent together is precious and worthwhile. This book gives busy families an excellent resource to make the most of each moment and make each one very enjoyable.