101 Conversation Starters for Families Review

Book Review: 

Family time is so important. In an age of video games, television, cell phones, and laptops, not enough time is spent with loved ones. This small book is loaded with questions that can make a huge impact on the quality of time spent together. The questions posed are insightful and (as is the premise of the book) gets conversations started.

I found this book interesting and enjoyable. During leisure time, why not unlock your family’s mysteries by asking genuine, moving, or even amusing questions you hadn't thought to ask on your own? Here are a few of the conversation starters listed in this book:
What is one of your favorite stories that your parent(s) tell about you?
If you could change anything about your appearance, what would you change?
Complete this sentence: “I wish I had the (courage, time, or money) to try…

This booklet (5.4 x 6 inches) would make a unique gift. With 101 insightful questions - you're sure to dig a little deeper into your family’s hearts and minds.

Cover: Like it

Title: Like it

Publisher: Northfield Publishing

Pages: 112
First Lines: One of the signs of a healthy family is open and meaningful communication. Good questions are the beginning.

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