101 Conversation Starters for Families Review

Book Review: 

If you don't own any other conversation starter books, and your children are young-like under 10 (maybe even 7 or 8), this is a great start.
However, if your children are older or you own any other type of conversation starter book this book will be very repetitive.
Other than having some christian related questions this book doesn't stand out.
I'm disappointed with the majority of the questions. They aren't really conversation starters (they're not thought provoking); i.e. What's your favorite color/to, which country would you like to go on a vacation to, more embarrassing moment etc...been there, read that and already know the answer to...
The set up of the book, if also a let down, one question per page. You could of easily fit more questions per page-and then fit more questions in the book....I think it would of been nice to have the book divided between ages (so the difficulty of answer matches the age), because let's be honest-no 12 year old finds it fun to answer 'what's your favorite color'.
It had a lot of promise, but failed to deliver...Save yourself the money, google & just write up your own.