101 More Conversation Starters for Couples Review

Book Review: 

Remember how I wrote about the day that I ran away? Daniel and I are still working hard at investing in each other. Sharing our lives with each other and not simply going through the motions of life together. Some days are harder than others, but this is real life and we know that it's messy!

One thing that Daniel and I love to do is talk to each other. We talk a lot.

Before bed.
In the car.
Lounging on the couch.
Eating dinner.
On a rare date night.

Some nights we run out of things to talk about!

Moody Publishers sent us 101 More Conversation Starters for Couples. We've been enjoying using this resource as a way to connect and ask each other questions that we would never have though to ask before.

Questions like:

If you could own and operate your own business (and be guaranteed of its success), what would it be?

The Good Shepherd provides for, protects and guides his sheep. Which of these three roles of the Shepherd do you find most meaningful and encouraging in your life right now?

I bet you'd never think to ask your spouse these questions, and I bet you'd be curious for the answers! I'm not going to lie, I've even used this book in the car with my Mom. It's a great little book to keep in your purse and whip out whenever you find yourself spending some one-on-one time with someone.
You can find Gary Chapman's 101 More Conversation Starters for Couples on Amazon, as well as the first book 101 Conversation Starters for Couples.

Christmas present, anyone?