101 More Conversation Starters for Couples Review

Book Review: 

Sometimes it's the little things in life that make big impacts. This book is little, simple, and fun. There aren't any bells and whistles or deep philosophical studies…but the questions posed are insightful and (as is the premise of the book) gets conversations started.

I found this book interesting and enjoyable. During leisure time, why not unlock some of your mate's mysteries by asking touching or amusing questions you hadn't thought of on your own? Here are a few of the conversation starters listed in this book:

Which person in the Bible do you most identify with?
What is something you would not change about your life right now?
What is the hardest phone call you've ever had to make?

This booklet (5.4 x 6 inches) would make a unique gift for dating, newly married, or even old fogies married folks (like me.) With 101 more insightful questions (unique from the first booklet) - you're sure to dig a little deeper into your mates heart and mind.

Cover: Like it

Title: Like it

Publisher: Northfield Publishing

Pages: 112
First Lines: Your spouse is a fascinating person, a treasure trove of meaningful, humorous, and profound experiences, thoughts, feelings, ideas, memories, hopes, dreams, beliefs, and convictions. These questions celebrate the depth and wonderful mystery of your mate.

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