101 Secrets For Your Twenties Review

Book Review: 

This was a fun read with a lot of humor and clever catch-lines mixed in with some more serious advice. It was written with the advice to start each secret off with and the majority of the time the author would go into further detail with examples to include further explanations. I shared some of the secrets with family and friends that were embarrassing to admit but true and marked a few pages of good advice that I'm planning to reference back to. I love his relatable struggles with Craigslist job postings, his journey as he is figuring out what marriage means, his struggles to find a purpose and never quit, and referencing everyone's struggle with Obsessive Comparison Disorder. I'm still debating if I should share the wealth and knowledge of this author and pass the book along or keep it all to myself, so I can enjoy it again.

Two of the reasons I loved this book:

The authors vivid comparisons...
"I check my phone more times than a frantic smoker takes puffs after a six-hour flight."
"This turbulent season in your 20s where you feel like you're getting the insides ripped out of you like crab legs at a Las Vegas buffet."

His humorous approach at bringing up advice we all need.
- You learned a lot about life from the game Oregon Trail.
- You can figure out compatibility with your mate by seeing what kind of Karaoke personality they are.
- What things everyone needs in their first cubicle.
- As well as teaching about the different personalities and awkward scenarios you'll run into with coworkers.

I would highly recommend this book to a twentysomething individual. It's humorous as well as versatile in it's variety of topics. It will act like a stepping stone into deeper conversation and get them thinking and asking more questions about life.