101 Secrets For Your Twenties Review

Book Review: 

Quoted as a "wiser, funnier, older brother," by Seth Godin, the New York Times bestseller author of The Incarus Deception Angone's book gives practical and witty advice for any tween.

These secrets lead you from friendship, jobs, and marriage into developing your own personal sense of the world. He reassures you that it's okay to be human, to fail, and to keep on trying to discover yourself in your twenties. It's okay to feel isolated and alone after college. It's okay to find new friends and get married and to question your religious and cultural beliefs even though you were brought up a certain way as part of your identity.

We're not perfect, and most of all we're bound to make stupid mistakes. And encouraging and compelling read, I couldn't help but to stifle a laugh reading a few of these tips.