101 Secrets For Your Twenties Review

Book Review: 


Nonfiction: Self-Help, Inspirational, Motivation

Date Read: November 4, 2015


Recommend to 20 & up
Every twenty-something needs a little black book of secrets. Our twenties are filled with confusion, terrible jobs, anticipation, disappointment, cubicles, break-ups, transition, quarter-life crisis, loneliness, post-college what the heck, moderate success sandwiched in-between complete failure, and we need a worn, weathered guide stashed somewhere close by to help shed some light on this defining decade.

Oh gosh... I hate writing negative reviews. There were some good parts to this book, a few laughs, and a couple secrets that really resonated with me. However, as a whole I did not really enjoy this book. Angone uses p.u.n.c.t.u.a.t.i.o.n, italics, and bold excessively; nearly every secrets includes some sort of random or awkward metaphor; and the entire book read like a bunch of little blog posts. I cringed every time I read the line, "Every.Single.Time."

I understand there will be plenty of people who will enjoy his easy to read book, but I simply could not get past the immaturity in his writing. I try to cut new authors a lot of slack, this wasn't the worst book I've read by any means, but I still have to be honest. I hope in the future he'll strengthen his writing skills to better use writing techniques to make his points and not rely so heavily upon bold and italics.

DISCLAIMER: I received this book for free from Moody Press in exchange for an honest review.