4 Chair Discipling Review

Book Review: 

When Jesus came into this world, He called on His believers to share in His life, passion, and calling to participate in the Great Commission to make disciples. Dedicated to explaining this process through years of study, author Dr. Dann Spader, in his book.” 4 Chair Disciplining: What Jesus Calls Us to Do”, emphasizes Jesus’s disciple-making strategy that follows four challenges, represented by four chairs that He posed to His followers. Throughout the book, I was impressed by the amount of learning I was able to glean concerning this strategy. Although one can learn a lot, the book isn’t too technical and will be easy to understand. What I liked most about the book is that it showed me a simplistic pattern towards discipleship that one can easily miss and overlook; something I never contemplated. It strongly brings to importance, the need to look to the application of scripture, bringing it to life for the individual. The book shows you how to accomplish this. Being only 150 pages in length, it isn’t a long read and will keep your attention throughout. Each chapter concludes with questions for the reader to ponder towards a better understanding of the material. If you long to understand where to begin and to become better equipped at discipling others, this book is for you. After reading it, you’ll be eager to share its strategies with other believers. I highly recommend that you take the time in getting this book. You’ll be glad you did!
“I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.”