The 4 Habits of Raising Joy-Filled Kids Review

Book Review: 

Our church has supported Deeper Walk International for many years and thus I was excited to read this book by Marcus Warner - president of Deeper Walk. I also take every opportunity possible to learn more about how to be the parent God desires me to be.

The book is structured with six chapters, four of which outline the habits noted in the title. The first chapter details the importance of parenting and the difficulties that come along with the role. The last chapter encourages parents to build their own joy and passion otherwise raising joy filled kids will be nearly impossible.

- Why is Parenting so Hard?

- As simple as ABCD

- Raising Joy-Filled Infants

- Raising Joy-Filled Children

- Joy-Filled Adults

- The Oxygen Mask

Warner and Coursey explain their acronym: ABCD. This stands for Attuned To your Child, Bounce Back, Correct Them With Care, and Help Them Build Life Disciplines. Their concept makes logistical sense and seems to be biblically based.

Each chapter includes multiple Habit Builders. These are essentially challenges that parents can take themselves or with their children to increase the joy within the family unit.

The book itself is small and brief. It will not take long to read through its entirety. But provides some good wisdom for parents of all aged kids.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.