5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, The Review

Book Review: 

The subtitle of this book reads, "Empowering organizations by encouraging people," and that's really what this book is about--demonstrating affection in the workplace that is at once appropriate and appreciated by bosses and coworkers alike.

I know full well that the workplace can often be a hectic and discouraging environment; a coworker's failure to affirm the positive actions or words of a fellow man can be the defining point of success. I've had countless classmates at school come to me and complain about their job: they're overworked, underpaid (the state of blue collar America, it seems), discouraged because they are upbraided when they do wrong but never appreciated publicly when they do right, and a meager high five and a "Keep it up!" from the boss, with no specific point of entry from an actual action, can be more disheartening than a boss who locks himself away and never, or rarely, interacts with the worker.

Although not exactly typical leisure reading, this book does a good, thorough job on pinpointing the love languages in the workplace, or "languages of appreciation," for the sake of distinguishing between intimate appreciation and professional interaction. We so often hear words about keeping positive, contributing to a wider community than our neighborhood, and keeping the peace amongst each other that the methods of how are lost in all our Pollyanna optimism.

Gary Chapman, Ph.D. and founder of this love language revolution, causing us to rethink how we treat each other, has wisdom to share in this book. It is both a call to action for those being left in the dust to make known their language, and an encouragement to those stuck in a work environment that does not usually engender a feeling of friendship among the employees. Having a father who is sometimes caught in corporate cracks without the recognition his hard work deserves, this book was an opportunity for me to stop and ponder my own interaction with coworkers. A great book to have on the shelf (particularly at an office!).

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