5 Love Languages of Children, The Review

Book Review: 

It is so very imperative nowadays that we seek to instill His truths into their hearts and minds more than ever before. We need to keep them close, we need to love them more. And we need to make sure that they know that they are loved. Truly and intensely. Some kids are hard to love; some like my oldest son, just don't fit the mold. No matter where they go they stand out. And we need to make sure they know that, He made them to do just that. So stand out and shine brightly! (I have been reading The 5 Love Languages of Children too) Lots of reading because truly, some days I feel like he is slipping away (my oldest son) Some days I feel like that whole not fitting in, standing out, always being the awkward and loud and boisterous one tires him and makes him sad and mad. And there are days I am terrible at making sure he feels loved and accepted. There are days that I spend too much time forcing my expectations on him rather than allowing him to be who he was created to be and going from there. I am not very creative; I struggle because of how different he is from the way I am. All three of my little ones are so very different; is that not totally showing us a Creator, in charge? And I get weary and I do not love them all as they (each individually) need to be loved.. I get mad, I yell, my frustration is with me and not them. My expectations, not their abilities. And then......If we have not love, what does anything else matter. They need to know they are loved. The need to be loved as deeply as He loves me. And I am hard to love too! Let us seek to show His love in all seasons - In fact let us pray to be able to see and love others as He does. Isn't that how it should be?