5 Love Languages of Children, The Review

Book Review: 

This book is literally HANDS DOWN the best book in regards to parenting, outside of the bible, that I have ever read. This book is authored by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell, both have written books to help marriage (Chapman) and families (Campbell).

The 5 love languages are physical touch, quality time, acts of service, gifts, and words of affirmation. In reading this book I believe I have discovered my husband, my daughter, and my love language (our son is too young to really exhibit one yet). My daughter is a combo of quality time and physical touch. My husband is a combo of acts of service and physical touch. I am a combo of words of affirmation and quality time. And as you can see we all for the most part speak different love languages, which makes for loads of confusion.

In reading this book I feel like I've learned something tremendous on how to effectively communicate love to my family. My daughter likes to be in the same room as everyone else. My husband likes to be touched. And I love to verbally know you love me. Of course I knew these things however it didn't quite click until I read this book. So now I am intentionally trying to communicate love to my family. OMGoodness, I don't think you all understand the wealth of knowledge in this book. I personally encourage you to read this book, especially if you have children (no it does not matter how old they are! Regardless to age, they need to be loved). If you don't have children but plan on having them, read the book anyways. If you are just focused on your marriage, guess what they have one just for couples, go read that one. I have the 5 love languages for couples devotional, so yes from experience I can tell you the book is worth every dollar and worth reading. Your marriage will benefit from it.