5 Love Languages of Children, The Review

Book Review: 

~My Impressions~

I think it is easy for us as parents to want to define our success with our kids. This book takes the approach that there are 5 love languages our kids speak: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts and acts of service. It walks you through discovering your child's love language or languages and how to use that knowledge to better love them and guide them through life. Untimely with the hope of making them more well rounded, successful and confident all while building your family bonds. The author supplies you with a "love language mystery game" that you can play with your younger children ages 5-8 to help discover their love language in a fun way along with little indications throughout the book of what a child's love language might be based on things he or she says. I played the Mystery Game with my kids twice a week for 3 weeks just to see how consistent the results would be and for the most part they did not change. They altered a point or two, but were pretty consistent with my 7 year old and 14 year old. Yes, I know the game was not designed for her, but she wanted to play along, but we always let my youngest select first or he would automatically select what his sister said.

I was really impressed with how much work went into this book. The authors give us gift ideas for each love language along , how anger plays out within the different languages and suggestions with discipline. This book covers married couples, single parenting,and has a list of helpful resources for parents.

My youngest child was easy to nail down for his love language. If he does not have his mommy alone time his whole day is ruined and he melts down. He is definitely my quality time kid, but he lives for praise and words of affirmation. My teenage daughter was harder to nail down but I finally think I have her with quality time and gifts. Which struck me as odd since she never really wants anything. Overall I think this is a really informative book to help you learn your child better and grow close to them in a way that is impaction int their lives. Now that I know my kids love language, its time to start putting that knowledge to everyday use!

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