5 Love Languages of Children, The Review

Book Review: 

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing The 5 Love Languages of Children, by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell.

To be their best, children need to feel loved. But if you and your child speak different love languages, your affection might get lost in translation, affecting the child’s attitude, behavior, and development. Dr. Gary Chapman’s groundbreaking Five Love Languages series has helped millions of couples communicate love more clearly, and Dr. Ross Campbell M.D. has applied the innovative system to children as well. The 5 Love Languages of Children gives practical suggestions for learning how your children interpret love and creating a sense of security in which they can thrive.

This book is great at explaining how the 5 love languages also applies to children. The book explains each of the 5 love languages, physical touch, gifts, acts of service, quality time and words of affirmation. I like that each of those chapters showed what the language would look like in a child.

There is also a chapter in there to help you try to figure out what your own child’s love language might be. I found it interesting that he felt that it might be hard to pick one if the child is under 5 years old. I am pretty sure my 7 year old’s language is physical touch but still working to figure out my 5 year old. I that he stressed it was very important to show our children all of the love languages, especially early on. The book also talks a little bit about disciplining your child and remembering their love languages when doing so. Overall it is a really encouraging book and I would recommend it to all families with small children. There is a lot you can learn about how your child works when you figure out their love language.