The 5 Love Languages of Children Review

Book Review: 

I have read this book before. I even wrote a review on it before, but my kids were very small. While I learned a lot the first time through, I felt like I needed a refresher, so I read it again! Oh boy, what a difference a few years make! I now can pinpoint my older two children's love languages pretty easily, but my son is just shy of 2-years-old so he's a bit young for me to pinpoint his language just yet. I absolutely love this book. I think it's so important to know how your child feels loved the best. Maybe your child is a cuddle bug, and just longs for that physical touch of a hug. Maybe they thrive on encouraging words, words of affirmation. Maybe they show love by acts of service, and love it when you do something for them, like when you bake their favorite cookies. Maybe they just enjoy quality time with you. Or finally, maybe they feel most loved when they receive a special gift. No matter what their love language is, we as parents need to discover how our children feel most loved, and strive to fill those love tanks as best we can! I love how the book gives you real-life examples of how to apply each love language. It even has a quiz at the back to give your kids to help you pinpoint their individual love language (which may be different than yours). I believe that over the years these may change, especially as they get older, so I would definitely recommend taking the quiz every so often and even rereading the book to remind yourself of what you've learned from the book. I know that by knowing my children's love languages, I can make sure I can love them in a way that gets their love tank full and overflowing. I highly, highly recommend this book. I also recommend the original 5 Love Languages book for yourself and your spouse. 

**I received a copy of this book for review. I was not required to write a positive review, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.