5 Love Languages Military Edition, The Review

Book Review: 

My husband and I read this book together during car rides. We have read a number of marriage strengthening books together this way, but this one was especially riveting. Normally, when the car ride is over we close the book mid-paragraph and put it on hold till the next trip, but we found ourselves bringing The Five Love Languages into the house with us to continue reading.

Although I had never read any of the Love Language books, I was surprised to discover that I was familiar with the concept through references from other Christian marriage books. It is reference OFTEN in similar Christian books. In my experience, the concepts and “Love Language” theory is spot on.

While we entered each chapter pretty assured of what our individual love languages were, as the chapter would unfold we were amazed to learn that we were discovering new aspects and elements, not just of each other, but new insights into ourselves as well.

This book sparked some lively, insightful and endearing conversations between my husband and I, some taking up our entire evenings in constructive relationship building fellowship. The additional tips and hints for keeping romance and intimacy alive in a military marriage we found to be extremely helpful.

Out of all of the marriage books we’ve perused over the years (and we are marriage book junkies!), this one definitely ranks within the top three books we’ve discovered. So powerful and influential did we find this book, that we actually ordered another copy for a young newlywed military couple we met in Pensacola, Florida!

This is a book I would HIGHLY recommend! If you’re a Christian military couple.. you NEED this book!