The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers Review

Book Review: 

I received a copy of The Five Love Languages of Teenagers for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. Like all the other 5 Love Languages books, this one covers the basic 5 love languages and how to discover which one your teen has. What I appreciated about this book though, was that Chapman covers how even though you may know your teen's love language from when they were a child, it will look different as a teen. He also covers handling teens and anger, how to love your teen as they begin to desire more independence, guiding them in taking on responsibilities and loving them when they fail. He also has a chapter on parenting teens as a single parent or in a blended family. Many of his insights that he shares about teens really made me pause and think and pray and discover how I can best love my teens and guide them during this season of their lives.