50 Most Important Bible Questions Review

Book Review: 

Whether you are new to the Bible or have read it for years but still have some confusion, this book is good for you. It’s a mixture of basic questions as well as more complicated ones. I’ve been Christian for 7 years and some of these questions I didn’t even know enough about the Bible to ask.

Questions are divided into categories: Gospel/Salvation, Bible in General, Genesis, Old Testament, Jesus the Messiah, Jewish People, Seeming Contradictions and Biblical Concerns/Practices.

Sample questions:

Can Believers Lose Their Salvation?
Which Version of the Bible is Best?
Is the Biblical Creation Story Literal?
Do We Still Need the Old Testament?
Why is God Never Mentioned in the Book of Esther?
At His Death, Why Did Jesus Believe God Forsook Him?
Are the Jewish People Still God’s Chosen People?
When Followers of Jesus Die, Do They Enter His Presence Immediately or Do They Sleep Until The Resurrection?
Will We Ever See God’s Face?
Should Followers of Jesus Worship on Sabbath or Sunday?

I found the answers helpful and clear. The book was easy to read.