52 Uncommon Family Adventures Review

Book Review: 

With today’s families being overwhelmed with the busyness of life - activities, school, work, commitments, volunteering, etc. - it’s no wonder it becomes difficult to build and foster intimate relationships among individual family members and even as a whole family unit. But intentionally carving out specific times for relationship building activities within families is very important.

Working in the financial industry, my creative brain does not get used very often. That’s exactly why I love books like this one. They provide a tool that my brain does not naturally flow to utilizing. Southern spells out 52 simple and creative ideas for families to engage with each other and build memories.

The book is introduced by Gary Chapman, an author I have very much enjoyed in the last several years. He also wrote the famous 5 Love Languages book, which is included as a quick synopsis after the introduction. This is a helpful guide to understanding which ideas feed into which love languages.

There is also a Key Summary page. This includes graphics for the following categories:
- Time Commitment: one hour, half day, full day
- Cost: free, low cost, moderate cost
- Locale: indoors, outdoors
- Love Language: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Physical Touch

Each adventure idea includes a key for each category and a very specific structure:
- Getting Ready
- Adventure Time
- The Reminds Me
- Family Devotions
- Language of the Day

I wasn’t sure what to expect for the ideas but i am thoroughly impressed with the creativity provided in many of the suggestions. A few examples of adventure ideas:
- Thank-You Cards
- Cities To Explore
- Foster a Pet
- Volunteer Day
- Adopt a Grandparent
- Makeovers
- Book Challenge

One of my favorites:
- Family vs. Family: Plan a series of contests to be competed between your family and another family. We are a very competitive family and our small group families would definitely enjoy the competitive nature as well.

I did enjoy reading all the fun suggestions. The title is very accurate: they are simple and they are creative.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.