52 Uncommon Ways to Unwind Together Review

Book Review: 

Needing some creative ideas for date night? This book is full of them. You could do one a week and then you have your year's worth of dates planned.

It was fun to read about all the different ideas that we could do on date night. In all honesty, we get pretty lazy and laid back on the few date nights we have and we tend to gravitate towards the same things every time. But this book definitely mixes things up a little, so if you are looking to spice up date night, check this book out.

You could do a micro-declutter and pick an area of your house you want to declutter. Along with that idea there is an idea for how this would fit into a quality time love language. You can then end the evening with a devotional that talks about God being the God of order. There are questions to discuss to go along with that.

Or if that's not your thing, you can go on an impulse date which involves stepping outside your comfort zone and doing something impulsive. Examples include shaving your head, sky diving, or just driving aimlessly around to see where you end up. Once again there is a love language this can speak to and Scripture/devotional to discuss as the evening winds down.

While there were some ideas that were too out there for us, there were a few that I think would be fun to do together. And there are a few that would be fun to do in a group as well.

I received this book from Moody Publishers and was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.