52 Weeks in the Word Review

Book Review: 

I had the privilege of reviewing Newbell's children's books so I was excited to also read her latest adult bible reading book.

The purpose of the book is essentially a companion guide to one's personal read through the Bible plan. The structure of the book follows a reading plan through the Old Testament and then the New Testament. Some reading plans skip around the OT and the NT or follow more chronologically but this one goes from Genesis all the way through Revelation exactly as laid out in the Bible.

The weekly studies are formatted the same throughout the book:

- Consider: three questions to ponder as you read through the Scriptures. These are the same questions for each day and notated on each page throughout the book.

- Daily Scripture Readings: each day provides a small section for writing notes and thoughts

- Say/Write Prayer: small section for writing a prayer based on the Scriptures

- Reflection: Newbell's insights into the week's Scripture reading and applications

Each week includes only six days of scripture reading and the seventh day is reserved with resting and reflecting.

I really enjoyed going through this companion guide and accomplishing the very worth task of reading through the entire Bible.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.