7 Feasts Review

Book Review: 

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

7 Feasts is an eight week study of the 7 Feast days presented in the Old Testament. Each week was split into five days of work, and it took me around 15-30 minutes to complete each day. It was a pretty significant time commitment, but I learned a lot and thought it was well worth the time.

First of all, this was definitely a study to have your Bible out and ready to flip to many different passages. Most verses are not written out in the book, so you will need to look them up yourself. Erin Hunter uses the ESV, but there were only a handful of times where the exact wording of the ESV was needed to make sense.

I think this study would be great for tactile learners. It requires you to find and write out all of the answers. And I loved the use of charts and graphics to organize information. Overall, it really makes you feel like you are putting all the pieces together and discovering everything as you work.

I loved the topic of this study. Too many Christians are under-educated about God’s feasts days because they feel like they are “Old Testament things” that are not relevant to our lives anymore. But that’s not true! The feasts provide such a beautiful picture of Jesus and remind us of God’s character. Even though I have read about the feasts in the Old Testament, I only had a basic understanding of the feast days. I gained so much knowledge through this study, and as a tactile learner, the format of writing all my answers down and filling in charts, etc, really helped my memory.