7 Feasts Review

Book Review: 

It is often said that Christ can be found on every page of Scripture; while there are certain pages where He is easy to find, there are also sections that might make the reader scratch their head. Erin Davis, in her 8 week Bible study 7 Feasts, takes one of those sections where Christ may be harder to find, the giving of the Jewish festivals in Leviticus 23, and helps the reader not only see Christ but also how themes from each feast can be applied to their own life. The first week introduces the study by explaining to the reader the context of Leviticus 23 and the concept of sabbath, and then each of the next seven weeks focuses on one of the feasts: Passover, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, Weeks, Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and Booths.

In the introduction to the study, Davis reminds the reader that "the purpose of Scripture is... to reveal who God is" (9). She is not writing this Bible study "as an expert theologian who has everything about the feasts figured out. Like [the reader, she simply wants] to know Jesus better" (11). This heart for Christ and for the reader to know Christ better is seen throughout this study as she uses the structure of her study to help the reader "make a habit of reading Scripture slowly and intentionally" (16). Each week is broken into five days; while it is possible to quickly work through each day in one sitting, Davis has created 40 days for the reader where reading and thinking about the Bible can become part of their daily rhythm. She begins each day with a short anecdote, to introduce the days theme, and then spends the majority of the day asking the reader questions about the text and their life. These questions comfortably guide the reader to think about what they have read and how it applies to their life in a manner that seeks to help them be more comfortable during their own personal Bible reading when the 40 study days are over.

While the reader will come away from this study knowing more about the Jewish feasts and what their purpose was, Davis spends more time reminding the reader of who Christ is and how amazing His sacrifice was. Just as the feasts were to create a rhythm of life for the Jewish people that regularly brought their focus back to God and what He had done for them, this study gives the reader things to think about and then put into practice which will help focus their own daily rhythms. This study felt like riding a bike with training wheels; Davis stands beside the reader helping them through trickier questions, but the final take away for the reader is not how much they need her to reveal the still confusing Bible to them but the reader sees how they are able to read, understand, and apply the Scriptures as they continue to read it daily.

I would recommend this Bible study to anyone who is wanting to learn a little more about the feasts in Leviticus 23 or who is looking for a Biblical Bible study that will help them think about Christ and what He has done for them. This Bible study was written for those who are wanting to put in the work to study their Bible, be honest with themselves, and love Christ more.

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