8 Great Smarts Review

Book Review: 

A Smart Resource

"You smarty pants!" "You smart cookie!!" Parents use these names rather loosely with their children. Whenever a child brings home an "A" test or paper, parents will often reward their child for being smart. But what about other kids who never bring home an A? Kathy Koch here presents 8 different ways that a child may be smart. She also attempts to show how parents can help their children grow in all the different smarts and thrive in them.

The 8 smarts that Dr. Koch lists here are:
Word Smart (thinking with words)
Logic Smart (thinking with questions)
Picture Smart (thinking with pictures)
Music Smart (thinking with rhythm/melodies)
Body Smart (thinking with movement/touch)
Nature Smart (thinking with patterns)
People Smart (thinking with people)
Self-Smart (thinking with reflection)
When going through this list, there are so many different things to consider that I don't have the time to list them out for each of these. But this book does an excellent job at what it set out to do: it provides parents and teachers with ways to help their children and students grow in all the different kinds of smarts. The biggest thing that this book does well is teaching how to encourage children to grow in smarts that are not their primary smarts. It's an excellent tool to assist parents in helping their children grow. For these reasons, I give this book 5 stars out of 5.