8 Habits for Growth Review

Book Review: 

Can our lives really be changed? In 8 Habits for Growth, Darryl Dash gives a simple guide to becoming more like Christ.


Dash admits that true change in our lives can only come from a changed heart. For the Christian, God gives us a new heart so we can conform to Christ. Interestingly, Dash first recommends that we build the habit of rest. In fact, God commands us to rest. A quick “interlude” on the Sabbath helps us see that God gave us a gift of rest. Dash shows us how we can make the most of it.

Dash says we must avoid activities that might seem like rest but don’t really leave us recharged. Netflix, social media, and unnecessary obligations can be replaced with walks, hobbies, and friends. While physical rest is important, Dash says that true rest can be only found in the freedom and blessing in Christ.


The habits of prayer and Bible reading come next, and what Dash does well is give us a primer on how to actually read and make sense of our Bible. Effective engagement with the Bible means using the right tools, understanding the storyline, asking the right questions, and properly looking for Jesus.

With prayer, I appreciate how Dash says that we should have the prayer-posture of a child. We can then learn to manage our life through prayer, helping us manage the stress and complexities of life by giving them to God. This spiritual discipline deserves our attention.


Dash doesn’t just say we should go to church, but he says we should make sure that we are going to the right church. A proper church preaches the Bible, talks about what Jesus did, gives opportunities to grow, follows the Bible’s teachings on how to function, and embodies a healthy culture. Practically, a good church is close to home.

Dash lets you soak in Scripture in showing how to pursue “one another” relationships. Loving, serving, promoting unity, encouraging, avoiding sinning against one another, and confessing sin is all a part of what it means to be a Biblical community. It is clear that Dash knows what it is like to be in a thriving church.


Food and exercise receive attention, and simplifying our lives alongside improving our ability to focus will help you grow and go the distance in your journey. The rest of the book is spent helping you find your own Rule of Life – a set of rhythms and relationships to help you grow spiritually.

This book is simple, straightforward, pointed, and practical. There is wisdom in how we can become more like Jesus. These habits will change you, and they will help you grow.

I received a media copy of 8 Habits for Growth and this is my honest review.