8 Hours or Less Review

Book Review: 

Whether delivering sermons, Sunday School lessons, or some type of presentation, "8 Hours Or Less" is a great title for anyone needing insights for how to prepare a message.  While targeted more for preachers, anyone can benefit from the book.  Around 150 pages, the title addresses such topics as:
1.   3 things that a sermon is not.
2.   5 things that make a faithful sermon.
3.   6 steps for creating a simple and effective sermons frame.
4.   Reasons why we don't let people help us prepare for a sermon.
5.   Tools for effective introductions.
8.   Tips for making effective introductions.
9.   3 ways to end a sermon on a bad note.
10.  Suggestions for a good sermon close.
11.  4 features of explaining a biblical text.
12.  5 precautions for using illustrations in our message.
13.  Spiritual warfare seems to be the greatest on Sunday morning.
The title smoothly transitions from topic to topic and is a very helpful read and will be a helpful future reference.  Recommended.  I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review.