8 Hours or Less Review

Book Review: 

Ministry can be incredibly difficult if one does not manage their time well. Spend too much time on one aspect of ministry and another will suffer. I know many pastors who brag about the vast amount of time they spend on their sermons because in their eyes that’s how every sermon is to be done and they have the time to study that way. Is this necessary? Does a pastor need to spend 20 hours or more to write one sermon? Ryan Huguley unequivocally says no in his book 8 Hours or Less. Huguley walks the reader through a process that when followed would develop a faithful sermon in far less time that one might think.

8 Hours or Less is an invaluable asset for those in ministry who have a lot to do in their week on top of writing 1-3 sermons. The job of a pastor is multifaceted and it would be impossible for many of us to study for 20-30 hours and still be faithful in other ministries and that's not even thinking about our own families. The danger in writing about this subject could be to focus on time alone. This book could have been solely concentrated on how to do everything faster, but Huguley understands that it’s not just about writing faster, but getting more out of your study and preparing better messages. It’s about writing faithful sermons faster.

As Huguley shows his week and how he spreads his study time throughout the entire week, the reader will be able to see the simple but important steps of proper Bible exposition. This is not just a book about efficiency in ministry, but a great look into how a preacher is to think about God’s Word. All throughout the process, Huguley sheds light on the nature of a faithful sermon, like this gem that I will remember for the rest of my ministry, “A faithful sermon is never less than explaining the text, but it is certainly more.” (p. 20)

8 Hours or Less is for any preacher or Bible study leader who thinks there might be a more efficient way for them to prepare better expositional sermons. As a senior shepherd of a church, I am always looking for tools to help me become a better and more impactful herald of the Gospel and I think I found a valuable one in Ryan Huguley’s 8 Hours or Less.