Adorned Review

Book Review: 

A great book bringing back Biblical truths and insights on the value of relationships with older and younger women. As the Bible says for the older women to train the younger women and that is something that really doesn't happen much at all anymore, yet it so valuable. We need each other. We need that type of relationship in our lives.

Nancy explores areas pertinent to women and really challenges the reader to go deeper in God. She also challenges the reader to be a spiritual mom to someone else. Someone who sets a Godly example - she invites the reader to examine her life, motives etc. Delving into dealing with things such as slander/gossip, identifying areas of indulgence or excess or other unhealthy happens, living with self control and with sound thinking, living in purity and so on.

I found it interesting the section based around the Greek word

'Sophron', meaning 'the exercise of that self-restraint that governs all passions and desires, enabling the believer to be conformed to the mind of Christ'. Nancy speaks about how 'A sensible, sound, self-controlled mindset will result in a sensible, sound, self controlled behavior' p164, She asks the reader if their words, actions, and reactions are excessive, compulsive or unstable? In particular, I love the charts on p170 and 171 comparing a 'non-sophron woman' with a 'so-horn woman' in areas of mindset and attitudes, emotions, tongue and behavior. Very inspiring!

This book is really well put together. It is strongly based on scripture thoughout. I appreciate how it is organized and it is easy to follow. It is very refreshing Biblical teaching and I would highly recommend it. I'm really glad I read it!

Please note I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review however the opinions expressed are entirely my own.