Against the Gates of Hell Review

Book Review: 

Against the Gates of Hell is about two twin brothers, twins Kerby and Herby Wilson. Herby's a police officer and his twin, Kerby is a drug addict. Kerby's headed down a desperate path full of Pride and self-destruction, while Herby is trying to shut out his brother at all costs thanks to his questionable life choices.
Herby is entangled in his own problems as he faces bitterness and resentment. All the while trying to keep away from his brother.
First of all the main point I got from this story is the struggle that everyone faces in their life. Some aren't as serious as this but everyone has problems they have to struggle through. Internal and external. They can be anything, but a family dispute is one of the hardest things to over-come in my personal opinion.
It can be incredibly difficult to over-come personal problems while you're facing separate problems outside of losing faith, or family drama.
I think this story is an extremely helpful read. In fact the only complaint I had was the street talk was a little annoying, but I do realize it was intentional. I would really recommend this book for anyone facing a crisis of faith or family problems.